The UN ‘World Youth Report’ (2019) sets out the importance of promoting Social Entrepreneurship
The Make Sense project (34 months) will support teachers to promote social entrepreneurship by providing them with the tools and educational methodologies based on an integrated use of two models:
  • EntreComp (European Framework for Entrepreneurship Competence)
  • Competitive Arena (Market Innovation and Development model that aims to increase entrepreneurship, to be transferred to the school context)

The Make Sense Partnership

  • Partner 1 (coordinator)
    Eulab Consulting, Rome, Italy
  • Partner 2
    Fondazione Monnalisa, Arezzo, Italy
  • Partner 3
    Liceul Teoretic Ovidius, Constance, Romania
  • Partner 4
    Gimnazija Celje-Center, Celje, Slovenia
  • Partner 5
    Gems NI, Belfast, UK
  • Partner 6
    Malone Integrated College, Belfast, UK

All partners will design a 5-hour Training Module on the 5 common competences of the Entrecomp Model

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