Rhythmic music game

The interdisciplinary activity with the theme “Rhythmic music game” aimed to develop sensitivity, concentration and positive relationship with others, the association of music with movement with pedagogical valences in the sphere of harmonious physical development and took place on Monday, 09. 10.2023, at 09.30 and Friday, 13.10.2023, 10.30 a.m. at the Theoretical High School, “Ovidius” Constanța.

Forty-nine students from class XI participated in this activity – they were divided into two groups. The first group carried out the activity on Monday and the second group on Friday, where they used elements of musical language in the rhythmic-melodic exercises and the proposed musical auditions.

With the help of musical and rhythmic games, students learned elements of body percussion, coordinated, and changed movements according to the shape of musical pieces. They improvised original and varied movements, responded emotionally to the music by feeling its character, and interacted with the group they were part of.

The rhythm took shape when hand claps, finger snaps, chest taps, or foot and leg taps were used.

To conclude, music accompanied by movement develops creativity, memory, coordination, confidence, attention to self and others, concentration, patience, rhythmic ability, emotional intelligence, and communication.

I am attaching some videos and pictures from the activity:


RED (open educational resources used in the activity)